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How To Keep Your Sanity While Waiting For Baby

Most mothers have been there.  We love the kicks and the wiggles that we get to feel as baby grows strong inside.  We anticipate the big day of Baby’s arrival from the moment we learn we are expecting. You watch your belly grow and are in awe of all that your body is capable of while joyfully thinking of your new little bundle and how wonderful she will feel swaddled in your arms. Maybe there is a nursery to decorate and maybe a shower or Mother Blessing. But in those last few weeks, it always exists.  The exhaustion beyond anything you’ve known before, the fear that might start to creep in over labor and delivery or whether you’ll feel overwhelmed by being a mom or maybe you haven’t chosen a name yet. There are a few things to remember to help you get through the waiting.


  1. No matter how much it feels like it, this truly will not last forever. I know it’s cliché.  I know that when you’re 41+ weeks pregnant (or 37 wks or 38 1/2 or sometimes anything more then 20!) you don’t want to hear it and think it will never end.  It does. No one is 5 years and 8 months pregnant.  Not if they’re human. But that seems hard to grasp in the moment.  Try to focus on feeling your little one move and wiggle in a way that you soon won’t get to feel.  Live in the moment.  Yes, I know you want to be able to sleep well or walk without the waddle again.  I know you’re tired and aching.  This is the closest you will ever be with your baby.  Try to enjoy it.
  2. Your body is absolutely amazing.  Look at all the changing it has done to get you this far!  And it will do the work of bringing the baby to your arms.  Your body was made for this.  Bask in that for a bit!  Breathe in the amazing work your body is doing.  Don’t get ahead of yourself. Yes, labor may seem scary but look what you are capable of already!
  3. Your body is truly doing amazing and hard work.  You are growing another human!  Can you wrap your mind around that?  Take some time to pamper yourself.  Nurture the body that is doing so much to grow another.  Whether that be a warm bath or a pedicure, indulge and enjoy. Try some Red Raspberry Leaf Tea  and a good book. Red raspberry tea is an excellent way to help support your uterine muscles while preparing for labor.
  4. Reach out.  Ask friends and family for help.  Let people support you, whether with a meal, laundry folding, or a shoulder to cry on.  They love you and want to be there for you.  Really.
  5. Give yourself grace. Again, you are doing really hard work right now. You may not be able to keep up the pace you did a few months ago, you may feel more emotional right now, you may worry that you can’t do this.  You can.  I promise. You are stronger then you know and your body knows exactly what to do.

Above all, try to live in this moment.  They want to know how they can help. Enjoy this special time with your baby.  Yes, I know the feeling of wanting to hold him in your arms and not feel so unlike yourself. But just like every other part of parenthood, looking back you’ll wish you could have found a way to treasure it. You’ve got this.  You are rocking motherhood already!




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