ACOG’s Statement Touts Doula Benefits

On January 25, 2017, the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) released a statement that holds the bar high for the tide that is turning in the world of labor and delivery.  Sarasota Birth Services is so very happy to see the direction that the tide is turning!

The article includes suggestions such as an opportunity for laboring down, withholding interventions unless medically necessary, and our personal favorite…. continuous labor support by a trained professional.  That’s right!  ACOG recognizes the benefits of doula support!

“Evidence suggests that, in addition to regular nursing care, continuous one-to-one emotional support provided by support personnel, such as a doula, is associated with improved outcomes for women in labor.”


The evidence that they speak of is from the Cochran Review of 2012 (you can read it here) and states that when a doula is present in a low-risk birth, the incidence of surgical delivery, patient satisfaction, improved incident of spontaneous vaginal delivery, shortened labor and the baby is less likely to have a poor APGAR score at 5 minutes.

For too long, women have felt that they are not heard or their decisions not valued in the delivery room.  This stated opinion by the organization which speaks for the doctors we are seeing in the hospitals shows that this is changing.  We are being heard and our caregivers are seeing the benefits of our bodies doing what they are made to do.  We are also recognizing the benefits of having a team of professionals working together to support a birthing woman in not only medical but physical, educational, and emotional ways that undergird and lift up a mother to not only succeed in safely getting a baby into her arms but in giving her a birth that she feels heard, supported, and successful in and that shows her how strong she truly is!

The financial benefit of doulas is also recognized by ACOG.  It is derived that by having doulas present, we can expect to see a drop in cesareans and anesthesia which saves hospitals and individuals substantial amounts. There are multiple benefits of continuous doula support and no demonstrable risk associated.

If you are interested in reading the ACOG article, you can do so here . Sarasota Birth Services strives to work as a team with your healthcare providers.  We want you to feel empowered by your birth experience and we want to give you every opportunity at the best possible process and outcome.  We recognize that working hand in hand with the medical care providers is the best way to see measurable change in the birth tides.  As the tides continue to turn, we are so happy to be a part of your team.



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