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Pushing On In The New Year

Christmas is behind us and New Years is coming up quickly.  The year flew by and no matter how we wish we could sometimes, we can’t slow down time. Whether it has been a great year or an especially hard one for you in 2016, one thing is for sure: 2017 is around the corner and there are stories waiting to be written.

This week is a great one to look ahead and set goals or try to see a clearer image of what is to come next year. Has your family recently grown or are you waiting for an impending “growth” in the family this coming year?  Or maybe your family is growing and maturing in another way.  A new home, watching kids hit the toddler years, starting a new career or going back to school.  So many possibilities!


This week, why not take a few minutes to set some SMART goals for 2017? The acronym is nothing new but sometimes a good reminder.  In order to make our goals work for us, they should be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

  • Specific – Don’t say you want to “have a great year” or “a better birth”, set a goal of specific items that make it better.  What wasn’t so great before?  What would make that better in your opinion?
  • Measureable – Instead of “more time with friends” or “losing weight”, why not hire a babysitter three times a month and include another couple on at least two of those occasions?  Or maybe you want to shed 10 pounds by June 1.
  • Attainable – Remember those 10 pounds?  Don’t expect lose them by January 3 or to lose 125 by June (unless you have a physician approved plan for that! If your goals are unattainable, you will do nothing but frustrate yourself as you are setting yourself up for failure.  Goals are an opportunity to empower yourself.  Not feel worse!
  • Relevant – If you plan on having a baby in the New Year, please do not plan on growing a business or training for a marathon!  Again with setting yourself up for failure!  Give yourself a chance to grow and birth that precious child and enjoy him or her.  You have to be able to focus on what is important in the current season of your life.  Some can grow a business and maybe you *will* lose 20 pounds in the months following your birth, but slow down in this season and focus on the miracle growing within you.
  • Time-Bound.  Please set an end date.  Learning to improve your yoga skills is fantastic but if you give yourself an unlimited amount of time to learn what a Lotus Position is, then there won’t be a lot of motivation to really make great strides.  We want you to succeed in great ways!

If our goals are all of these things, then we’ve got a real shot at making them happen. Write them down.  Share them with your loved ones.  That makes them more real and harder for you to push under the rug. Put them out there on Instagram or Facebook if they are publicly acceptable (because let’s face it, sometimes we have goals that just aren’t suitable for public consumption!  Facebook just doesn’t need to know!).  I’d love to see you tag them with #Goals2017. Let’s see what you’ve got planned in the new year!



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