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This Is Where You’ll Wanna Be!

There’s a new place in town.  A place you’ll want to stick around in.  A boutique that feels like someone read your mind and found all of your most favorite things and put them together just for you! Have you heard about this place?  Lakewood Ranch has a new store named Crunchy Mama Granola Baby and it is *Great*!

Crunchy Mama Granola Baby

Keri Rowe is the owner and man, does she “get” it. You may know Keri.  She’s a family-friendly chiropractor practicing alongside her husband in her parallel life.

I had the opportunity to hang with Keri for a little while last week.  I stopped into the store to spend a few minutes and got to talk with her and Tara, one of the sweet women helping Keri run this joint. I was in love with Keri’s heart for parenting and moms.  It was apparent in my conversation with her and also in the fact that Tara was there “on the clock” and wearing her adorable daughter at the same time.

She really knows her stuff and you will know it as soon as you walk in. Keri is a mom herself and it shows in how well she has chosen her inventory.  She has three surviving kiddos and unfortunately, also understands the pain of losing children. She has a heart for adoption that shines through as well. In our discussion about the store, she shared with me that her losses have served to mold her life and have played a part in opening the store.  She says that repeatedly, she has seen that “God lift barriers” when they seemed immense.

Now Keri’s focus is definitely on the natural beauty of motherhood and families and that is apparent in what she has chosen to showcase but if “crunchy” isn’t your thing, don’t feel left out.  The store has all the soft and adorable products any family will love. Regardless of whether you had granola this morning or not! I love that the store provides a place for your toddlers to play while you browse and I love that there is a big comfy chair in the back so that you can stop for a quick baby-snack and then keep on exploring!

So what is she stocking? Well, she showed me this adorable line of soft knitted toys.  The company is “Pebble” and Keri shared that this company offers up the profits from their toys to help stop human trafficking.

She also has a fabulous line of organic cotton baby clothes and some great teething jewelry. Can you see those adorable knit hats!? So cute!

I asked Keri what her favorite line that she carries is.  That was a hard question because she literally hand-picked every item in the store! But when all was said and done, she said that the line of muslin that they carry is her fave.  Bright prints, something different from what large box stores are carrying, and SO SO soft!

Crunchy Mama Granola Baby is a licensed retailer for Tula, Ergo and Lemon Vines Baltic Amber. You know what that means?  If you have a munchkin who isn’t so happy about getting teeth or wants to be held close, you have a reason to jump in the car and head to the store!  Her prints are hand-chosen, like everything else and she made some really great choices.

And if you doubt, for even a minute, where Keri and her family’s heart are in all of this, you should know that her own mom made this amazing and delicious granola for the grand opening last week and the sign truly sums up Keri and her husband Nick’s heart for families and children.

Sooo… obviously I’m in love with this place.  And I want you to stop by and try it on for size.  Sarasota/Manatee needs a place like this!  And Keri is here to do it well.  Crunchy Mama Granola Baby is excited to kick off it’s opening and they have offered up a $25 gift certificate to be given away.  That will go a long way in bringing a little of the fun home! Just leave a comment about the store, favorite products, or anything you like and then jump over to the rafflecopter link and let them know you did! Here ya go: Giveaway Link


9 thoughts on “This Is Where You’ll Wanna Be!

  1. I was like a kid in a candy store. I want one of everything! But I found myself in the store without a sling or pacifier. So I had to check out the options. 🙂


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