Top 20 Reasons You Should Hire a Doula

I’m a doula, yes.  And I’d love to support you in your birth but you should also know that 13 years before I became a doula myself I found great comfort in having a doula myself.  It was my second live birth, my fourth pregnancy, my fifth baby, and after having a difficult first birth followed by much trauma, I was filled with anxiety. And when things started getting fast and furious and I was feeling out of control in my son’s birth, I was so very thankful for my doula, Robyn.


So I’ve compiled a quick list of 20 reasons that you should have a doula too!  You won’t regret it!

20) When you are getting close to your due date, your doula won’t ask you if you’ve had the baby yet (at least 20 times a day!).

19) She will gladly replay the details of your birth for days or even years afterward. Your doula will love discussing your birth story!

18) Your doula has a rebozo and knows how to make it work for you! (Even if you don’t know what a rebozo is.)

17) Research shows that women with doulas are less likely to have a cesarean delivery.

16) Studies show that doula-attended births have lower incidence of NICU stays for babies.

15) A doula knows how to talk you through your options every step of the way.  They can’t make the decisions but they will help you ask the right questions and educate yourself.

14) Doulas help your partner support you.

13) A doula will tell you that you are beautiful and a rock star even when you’re in a hospital gown and have been up all night!

12) Doulas can give breastfeeding support, giving their clients a better success rate than average.

11) Labor hurts less when you have a doula. (Well, we have skills to help you deal with the discomfort.)

10) Labor is often faster when you have a doula.

9) Doulas give good hand and arm rubs during labor.

8) Doulas give good back rubs during labor.

7) Dad can grab a cup of coffee or a sandwich during labor and know that mom will be taken care of.

6) Doulas know the answers.  Wondering which breast pump works best? Which pediatricians might be up your alley?  Which delivery location is your style? Doulas know these things!

5) A doula won’t leave at shift change.  Even if it takes a long long time! And she is there for you alone.  Not for multiple moms.

4) Your doula works for YOU.  Not the hospital, not the doctor or midwife, not the nurse on duty.  The doula is there to care for you.

3) Doulas know that birth experience matters.

2) Doulas will support you no matter what happens!

1) Research continues to show that women who have doulas have the edge on birth experience and outcome.

So there you have it!  YOU can benefit from having a doula.  Don’t wish you had gone for it.  Go ahead and get your doula nailed down today!


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