Having a Baby Is Expensive?

So very often I hear people say that they are not ready or able to have a baby because it is expensive. On a regular basis, I’m asked how we afford our family (of eight children) or it is assumed that we struggle for basic needs. I want to tell you something that radically changed my perspective on this matter.  Something my grandmother told me when I told her we were expecting our second surviving child. My smart-cookie Grandma told me that having a child doesn’t have to be expensive.  We don’t need “all that stuff” and what we do need to have for a baby is often covered by the money freed up by no longer living the lifestyle we once did.  What does that mean?  Well, if you are willing to make a homemade pizza and stay home playing a board game with your family then you won’t be spending so much on a fancy dinner with your husband!  In those early years, it may mean making dinner and watching a movie at home after you put little Junior down to sleep for the night.  Now, don’t get me wrong!  I’ve got teenagers now and they want *stuff* and sometimes my husband and I really desire a nice dinner out.  Money will be spent and times can get tight.  But don’t believe for a second that the time to have a baby is when you are living it up and still have extra cash rolling in!  Make sure you can handle the basics that lie ahead in the foreseeable future and then set out to live within your means.


Now, how about the stuff you WILL want or need for your little Princess?  Well, talk to friends who have had a baby.  Maybe they would be willing to sell, share, or give you a few things.  Or maybe instead of a new purse, you’ll be looking at asking for a diaper bag for your anniversary.  Yes, sometimes it can get old but I’ve got some good news!  Kids consignment events can be fun for mom and save lots of money!  If you are in the Sarasota/Manatee area, check out Rhea Lana of South Sarasota.  Rachel and Amber are the owners and they are passionate about helping families have what they need for a fraction of what it would cost new!  And sometimes Mom finds a couple things for herself! The event happens twice a year and is going on now through Oct. 19.  Here’s the necessary info: South Sarasota Rhea Lana. I was there yesterday and found a few treasures myself! A new diaper bag, some fun boots, and about 2/3 of my new cloth diaper stash are shown here. But I’d be amiss not to tell you about the bunk beds, kids clothes, disposable diapers and more that followed me home! Not t mention that it becomes a social hang out!

Of course, breastfeeding cuts some serious cash from the budgetary needs! If you are able to nurse, saving money is just one small benefit. I highly recommend it!

As pictured above, we have found cloth diapering to be helpful. In order to really save money, though, the best option is good old prefolds and snap covers. If you can hang them to dry, it will save a few more dollars, too.

Above all, my biggest tip is to avoid buying all the fun stuff that is out there.  When it comes down to it, your baby needs you! And maybe something to catch the poo and a blanket to keep warm! That’s about it! Your baby needs YOU! You are enough!




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