Labor Doula Services

Studies repeatedly show that continuous support during labor has significant positive benefit and no known negative impact.  This is shown in lower incidence of caesarians, shorter labors, and parents feeling more positive about the delivery.


You doula has attended a 20 hour training, studied many resources, and attended a number of births in preparation to support you through your delivery. From our first prenatal appointment in your home, we will provide judgment-free support, and are trained to provide you with education, resources and comfort suggestions. SBS doulas don’t make decisions for you. They provide you with the information you need to make decisions for your family and yourself. We will support you in those choices.

At a prenatal appointment, we will work to teach you and those supporting you through the birth (spouse, friends, or family) comfort techniques and positions.  This way, when the day arrives, those closest to you will have the tools to help you.  We work to be a seamless addition to your team.  Not to take the place of anyone or push anyone aside.  As a matter of fact, it is very important that those you have chosen to have at the birth feel included and have a place on this big day!

After your labor begins and when you request your doula to join you, your doula will arrive and stay throughout the duration of your labor and delivery, at the birth location of your choice, and will remain by your side throughout your labor and 2-4 hours immediately post-birth. Your doula provides support in whatever way you desire. We can be completely hands-on, or show others how to support you, or any combination. We are there to support you as you feel you need throughout the delivery.

Within a week or two after the birth of your baby, we will schedule your postnatal appointment. At this visit, our goal is to spend a few minutes nurturing your new growing family.  We’ll answer your questions, discuss the birth, talk about feeding, and smooth out any wrinkles you may be facing. SBS doulas are trained to provide support and resources as needed as well.

Your doula will listen. We want to hear your ideas, fears, concerns and joys. We will listen without judgment so you can confidently speak your mind.


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