Placenta Encapsulation

Recognized Benefits of Ingesting Your Placenta:*

  • Lowers your risk of suffering postpartum depression
  • Increases milk supply
  • Increases iron levels
  • Helps to level hormones
  • Gives extra energy

*These benefits of ingesting your placenta have not been FDA evaluated.

What does our Placenta Encapsulation Service provide?

Our Placenta Encapsulation Service includes:

  • Encapsulation with Vegetarian capsules and latex-free gloves capsules
  • A print of your placenta (if desired)
  • An umbilical keepsake (if desired)

Who will be handling my placenta?

We will prepare your placenta in your own home. We do this because we believe it to be the safest place available for the process.

We exceed industry standards for the safety and handling of your placenta. These high standards allow you the confidence that your placenta is treated with respect and professionalism as we work with such an amazing organ that supplied life to your newborn.

What happens after I give birth?

Aligning with the guidelines set by the World Health Organization, you need to take on the responsibily for the transport of your placenta. At 38 weeks, Sarasota Birth Services will provide you with a Placenta Transport Kit and instructions. The kit we loan to you has everything you need to safely store and secure your placenta including proper labeling and spill kit accessories that are required.

After your delivery, you will contact your placenta encapsulator to let them know your placenta has successfully been transported home and is ready for us to process.

Your Sarasota Birth Services Placenta Specialist will arrive and begin the encapsulating process using our equipment and a small area of your kitchen.

As a bonus, your placenta encapsulator is also a trained postpartum doula. During the process, there will be times when they are free to assist you in that role. Having a postpartum doula in your home shortly after delivery to provide comfort, support, and education is a very nice bonus. We are there, not just for one day but for a second! The entire process requires us to be in your home for about two hours on each of two sequential days.

Before we leave, you will receive usage recommendation with your encapsulated placenta and be available to answer any questions you may have.


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